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Letra de She's A Dream

Letras de Backstreet Boys

"She's A Dream"

Shorty ain’t got cable 
She don’t even got a radio 
Way more than ever 
What kinda girl should I take her for 
The perfect kind 
Just what I like 
Exactly what I had in my mind 
A dream 
She’s a dream 

Shorty don’t know I’m on the red carpet 
Almost every night 
When I’m outta time to go and do work 
I’m first class every flight 
If she takes the time to open her eyes 
She could realize that she’s a dream 
She knows me 

Cuz shorty don’t know who I am 
She don’t know I’m a celebrity 
Just wanna let her meet my fam 
Ain’t nobody mention my pedigree 
Cuz everytime I take her out 
We’re always in the VIP 
But shorty don’t know who I am 
But she knows me 
It’s why I make her say ooh 
Make her say ah 
Cuz shorty don’t know who I am 

And I’m cool with that 
If she says so 
I ain’t given a lot to her 
And when I’m out making pesos 
Ain’t nobody treating her like I do her 
Because I’m the one that she thinks about 
The only one on her mind 
She’s a dream 
She knows me 

Shorty don’t know that I’m on the stage 
Three or four times a week 
She don’t even know I’ve been around the world 
And all the different girls I meet 
But there is just one face that I see 
She’s the only one for me 
She’s a dream 
She knows me 


Said shorty don’t know who I am 
That’s not good for us 
Cuz I know it’s not good to fuss 
I know she loves me for me 
And I love her for her 
But it wouldn’t work if she ever gave a damn about who I am