Backstreet Boys

Letra de Fallen Angel

Letras de Backstreet Boys

"Fallen Angel"

[I wanna know (4x)] 
Yeah, I wanna know 
[I wanna know (4x)] 
I wanna know 

You had me fooled 
You were so good at that 
I'm so unglued 
Too many pieces 
To put back 
You were the best by far 
How did we end up like this 
I even know who you are 
I can't believe it's like this 
I wanna know 

How does it feel to be a fallen angel 
Your wings are lying on the ground 
How does it feel to be a fallen angel 
Forever is a long way down 
You're everything that thought I wanted to be 
But everything is disappeared for me 
So how does it feel 
How does it feel to be a fallen angel 
Of love 

I wanna know (8x) 

I followed you 
To the deepest part of love (of love) 
And how do you 
Destroy the life you built for us 
This is a mystery 
You played the part so well, yeah 
Now this is history 
Was I the last to tell 
I wanna know 


The only thing that's worst than emptiness 
Is when your heart's lost 
And the only thing that's worth the pain 
Is the price of what love costs 
It's when you think its all in your hands 
That's when it's gone 
And you think you're invincible 
Believe me you're so wrong 
Tell me how does it feel