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Letra de That's What She Said

Letras de Backstreet Boys

"That's What She Said"

There are people that say what you wont
to hear even on a rainey day thet"ll tell
you the sky is clear when you really really
love someone am I right when I say that you 
wont them near and if you can even tell then 
things that thay wont to hear

always for ever(one thing she said)
but never say never(those simple lies that she feed)

I will never leave you (all the love I though she hade)
But can you blame me no cause thats what she said

Thats what she said(she told me we be together)
Thats what she said(she told me we see for ever)
Thats what she said(she said yeah)

And there are people thats say what thay
really mean she said she always be there 
She said she alwaws care
But just when you think that you can
trust that someone you love
Tell why do you no how stars can fall frome above


Cause you made promises that you couldn't keep
and your nto hurting yourself (your only)your only hurting me
Why would you say things that you really(do mean,do mean)
"O" how can I make you see just what you did to me

You said how much you really care 
just when I though I was in love
girl how could you doif I was you I could not lie even once
to the face I love that I love so much