Backstreet Boys

Letra de If I Don't Have You

Letras de Backstreet Boys

"If I Don't Have You"

If I Don´t Have You 

Everyday, girl I would go and pray / 
You´ll come back home and don´t take too long / 
Cause since You´ve been gone / 
Everything´s gone hurt and wrong / 
I wish you were here, holding me near. 

You know I´ll go outta mind / 
If you ever left my heart behind / 
So I´m begging you please / 
Bring your sweet love back to me (please come back to me). 

If I don´t have you (If I don´t have you) / 
To hold on to (don´t know what) / 
I can´t hold on (can´t hold on) / 
This world alone (this world alone) / 
Baby it´s true (baby it´s true If I don´t have you) / 
If you said goodbye (you said goodbye) / 
Girl, I would die (girl, I would die) / 
I´m a star with no light / 
A day with no night / 
If I don´t have you. 

Late at night I wish to hold you tight / 
But you´re not there (you´re just not there, baby) / 
I know you still care (I know you still care) / 
And oh, how I need, your softly love, lovely kiss / 
You gave to me, so tenderly. 

We used to fell, time would stand still / 
When I see you, baby you will / 
So hurry home, you know you make me just so...oh... 


You know I´ll go crazy without you. 

CORO (2x)