Backstreet Boys

Letra de I'll Never Break Your Heart

Letras de Backstreet Boys

"I'll Never Break Your Heart"

Spoken by KEVIN: 
Baby I know you are hurting 
Right now you feel like you could never love again 
Now all I ask is for a chance 
To prove that I love you 

From the first day 
That I saw your smiling face 
Honey, I knew that we would be 
Together forever 

Oh when I asked you out 
You said no but I found out 
Darling that you'd been hurt 
You felt that you'd never love again 

I deserve a try, honey 
Just once 
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong 

You walked in you were so quick to judge 
But honey he's nothing like me 

I'll never break your heart 
I'll never make you cry 
I'd rather die than live without you 
I'll give you all of me 
Honey that's no lie 

As time goes by you 
Will get to know me 
A little more better 
But girl that's the way love goes 

And I know you're afraid 
To let your feelings show 
And I understand 
'Cause girl it's time to let go 

Darling why can't you see 

CHORUS (2x) 
BRIDGE (while singing the BRIDGE, Brian and AJ say these words) 
I'll never break your heart 
No way 
(No way) 
(Girl I'll never make you cry) 
I swear 
Honey, I swear 
No way, no how 

CHORUS until fade 
Oh, just give me one chance 
To show how much I love you 
"I'll never" 
Honey I need you 
I want you 
I need you