Selena Gomez

Letra de Magical

Letras de Selena Gomez


Just drive i'm sick of talkin, 
We know where this is going, 
I'm done take me home, 
I can't wait forever, 
For you to get yourself together. 
I'd rather be alone, 

I'm so tired of pretending, 
Just want a happy ending, 

Wish i could put a spell on you, 
Wish i could make you feel like i do, 
Would'nt that be sweet so magical, 
Wish i could flick and wave the wand, 
Get everything that i ever wanted, 
And put a spell on you, 
And make it all come true, 

You taught me what i know, 
Guys like you come and go, 
But i know things can change 

See my heart it could be broken, 
But it wouldn't stop me hoping 
[repeat chorus] 

I just wanna know what we should've done, 
When i figure out what we could've become, 
Cause i know in my heart i'm not over you, 
I just wanna go back and try it again, 
Turn back the time this isn't the end of us, 
This isn; t the end of us 2x 


[repeat chorus 2x]