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Letra de That's The Way Love Goes

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"That's The Way Love Goes"

That's the way love goes janet jacksonlike a moth to a flameburned by the firemy love is blindcan't you see my desirethat's the way love goescome with me don't you worryi'm gonna make you crazyi'll give you the time of your lifei'm gonna take you placesyou've never been before andyou'll be happy that you cameoh, i'm gonna take you therethat's the way love goesdon't mind if i light candlesi like to watch us play andbaby i've got on what you likecome closer baby closerreach out and feel my bodyi'm gonna give you all my loveoh sugar, don't you hurryyou've got me here all nightjust close your eyes and hold on tightoh baby, don't stop, don't stopgo deeper baby deeperyou feel so good i'm gonna cryoh, i'm gonna take you therethat's the way love goes