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Nastyjanet jacksonalbum: controlgimme a beat!sittin' in the movie showthinkin' nasty thoughtsbetter be a gentlemanor you'll turn me offthat's right, lemme tell itchorus:nasty, nasty boys, don't mean a thingoh you nasty boysnasty, nasty boys, don't ever changeoh you nasty boysi don't like no nasty girli don't like nasty foodthe only nasty thing i likeis a nasty groovewill this one do?uh huh, i know... say...chorusnasty, nasty boys, gimme a nasty groovenasty, nasty boys, lemme see your nasty body movei could learn to like this, listen upi'm not a prude, i just want some respectso close the door if you want me to respondcause privacy is my middle namemy last name is controlno, my first name ain't babyit's janet - miss jackson if you're nastychorusnasty boys don't mean a thingoh you nasty boys don't mean a thing to menasty... don't mean a thingoh you nasty boys(i like this part)hey! who's that thinkin' nasty thoughts? nasty boys!who's that in that nasty car? nasty boys!who's that eatin' that nasty fruit? nasty boys!who's jammin' to my nasty groove? nasty boys!ladies? nasty boys don't mean a thingoh you