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Letra de Let's Wait Awhile

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"Let's Wait Awhile"

Let's wait awhilejanet jacksonthere's something i want to tell youthere's something i think that you should knowit's not that i shouldn't really love youlet's take it slowwhen we get to know each otherand we're both feeling much strongerthen let's try to talk it overlet's wait awhile longerremember that special night?when all of the stars were shining brightwe made our first endeavor to stay together we made our very first promiseto love, to share and be real honestbut on that very first nightit wasn't quite rightlet's wait awhile before it's too latelet's wait awhile, our love will be greatlet's wait awhile before we go too fari didn't really know not to let all my feelings showto save some for later so our love will be greateryou said you would always love meremember i said the same thing tooyou don't have to be frightened with my lovebecause i'll never give up on youlet's wait awhile, before it's too lateyou know, you can't rush lovelet's just take our timelove's so good - sure i'll love will be thereslow it downi promise, i'll be worth the wait.