Janet Jackson

Letra de Black Cat

Letras de Janet Jackson

"Black Cat"

Black catjanet jacksonall the lonely nights i spend alonenever 'round to love meyou're always gone'cause you're hangin' outbreakin' the rulesoh the man has comelookin' for youyou're a rebel nowdon't give a damnalways carrying onwith the gangi'm tryin' to tell ya boyit's a mistakeyou won't realize'til it's too latedon't understandwhy you insiston ways of living such a dangerous lifetime after time you stay awayand i just know that you're telling me lieschorus:black cat nine livesshort days long nightslivin' on the edgenot afraid to dieheart beat real strongbut not for longbetter watch your stepor you're gonna dieyou're so together boybut just at a glanceyou'll do anythingif given the chancescheming, plannin' liesto get what you needso full of promisesthat you never keepdon't you tell yourselfthat it's okaysick and tired ofall of your gamesand you want me to stay(aww) better changemakes no sense to meyour crazy ways*chorus