Thompson Twins

Letra de Salvador Dali's Car

Letras de Thompson Twins

"Salvador Dali's Car"

I had a dream, a dream that would make you scream
I was climbing inside a brilliant mind
I was gathering flowers at the bottom of the ocean
And laughing to myself in real slow motion

Lying in the gutter
Shooting up the stars
I'm driving in Salvador Dali's car
He's driving in Salvador Dali's car
Yeah I'm driving but I just can't get that far

I was dancing with the daughter of Harry Dean
Wearin' a pair of boots that didn't belong to me
And there were half a dozen cowgirls doing much the same
And for one sweet moment I forgot my own name

I want to feel it
I want to feel it
Yeah Yeah Yeah Let's go

I was drawing up plans to save the world
From all the evil hearts and all those skinny girls
Then I realized I was wasting all my time
cause it was just another movie playing in my mind

[Chorus x 2]
So let's go
See'mon see'mon let's go
Let's go