Thompson Twins

Letra de Rock This Boat

Letras de Thompson Twins

"Rock This Boat"

Hush hush hush stop making a fuss
Someone might come and rescue us
And when they do they'll turn on all the lights
And find the nest of vipers that we keep out of sight

I'm gonna rock this boat
I don't want to float
Down the river with you
I'm gonna rock this boat
Cause I really want to know
If our love is true

You're a little scared, I'm a little touched
Maybe I shouldn't go pushing my luck
But I saw the animal in your eyes
I wanted to go-go but my hands were tied

Love love love is a dangerous drug
Makes me wonder what I'm thinking of
I'm gonna make you laugh, gonna make you cry
Cause I don't care too much for paradise

[Chorus x 2]