Thompson Twins

Letra de Make Believe [Let's Pretend] [Extended Version] [Bonus Track]

Letras de Thompson Twins

"Make Believe [Let's Pretend] [Extended Version] [Bonus Track]"

i had a dream and the dream came true
i saw a ghost and the ghost was you
but in the dark it was hard to see
that you were only make believe
some people can't be left alone
they can't be happy on their own
some people need to find a friend
i never knew this was in my head
i wandered to an empty playground
all i needed was a friend
instead of playing hide and seek
i played let's pretend
lets pretend
(repeat chorus)
whenever i am feeling lonely
whenever i am at an end
i draw a picture inside my head
i could see you once again
(repeat chorus)
i'm building giant towers
day and night without relief
i don't need a team of helpers
i make do with make believe
(repeat chorus x 2)