Letra de Your Love Is Like A Drug

Letras de Bananarama

"Your Love Is Like A Drug"

I can't believe the way that I feel
Whenever I'm with you
Don't make me wait
My body aches
I wanna get next to you 

You can tease me, feel me, make me want you on me
You can spin me, groove me, let your rhythm rock me [x4]

Your love is like a drug
And every time you leave me wanting more
Your love is like a drug and everywhere you touch you never get enough
Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, let your rhythm rock me [x2]

I can't escape
And I can't explain
The thoughts that I have of you
You're on my mind day and night
And nobody else will do 

I've been taken, shaken, never want to leave you
Do you understand the reason why I need you [x4]

Do you understand, understand, the rhythm, rock me