Letra de Lovebite

Letras de Bananarama


I've got a secret I've got to keep
No turning back I'm in too deep
I know it's so hard Coz I shiver
I knew you were trouble from the moment we met
Look in your eyes pushed me over the edge
Can nothing save me
When love bites 

And I can't stop
And I won't stop
And I can't hold back 

Coz love bites and there's nothing you can do
Like a lightning strike through me and you
Is it obvious
It's killing me 
You're breaking me
When love bites there's no place left to go
I can't fight this feeling in my soul
Is it obvious
It's killing me
You're destroying me 

Never made a wish that never came true
Never took a chance til I met you
I know it's hard
Coz I shiver
Love it can move in mysterious ways
Gets under your skin and it won't go away
Can nothing save me when love bites 


Oh will I get through this
I need to know
Coz you're so out of bounds
Out of reach
To me