Letra de Feel For You

Letras de Bananarama

"Feel For You"

Think it over 
A little longer 
You know I'm right 
It's me you're looking for 
It won't be long now 
Coz I'm not like the girls before 

Where you going? 
Don't you know yet? 
Shall I shout it out? 
Or whisper to you mister? 
What's your answer? 
You can't deny it's me you're looking for 
Coz I'm waiting, waiting 

I feel for you 
Feel for you 
And I can't let go 
And I can't say no to you 
I feel for you 

Feel for you 
And I'm waiting, waiting 
For you 

Hear what I'm saying. Are you ready? 
Coz you feel so close 
And I can almost taste it 
Music's playing 
It's time to move, make up your mind. Are you dancing? 
Don't keep me guessing 
Coz I love this tune 
And I wanna dance with you 
And when it's over 
You know just what I'm gonna do with you 
Coz I'm waiting, waiting 


Are we dancing? [x2]