Seventh Day Slumber

Letra de Picking Up The Pieces

Letras de Seventh Day Slumber

"Picking Up The Pieces"

Open my eyes, my life is scattered on the floor
I walked away from you so long that I could not hear your voice.
Oh my tears that I cried I left them laying on your heart
And now I'm here with you again, can we pick up from the start.

All I have and all I need is everything You gave to me
I bitter way so now I'm picking up the paices once again.

I'm falling to my knees that is where I saw Your hand
I've been here way too many times, 
I can't belive You'd take me back
And all the tears that I've cried, 
Never touched the ground and
Now I'm here with what is left
Will You build me up again?


(Musical interlude)