Seventh Day Slumber

Letra de Old Mercy

Letras de Seventh Day Slumber

"Old Mercy"

This is what you're preachin'
What you're teachin' them
I don't want any part of it
I see something wrong 
With holding rocks in your hands
So many splinters in your eyes
You can't even see the man that
You blame your pain within
It's unbelievable to me how you
Can see all that's wrong with another
And still be blind
The sin you make excuses for
Do this and don't do that 'cause it's wrong
But you've been sittin' here gossiping all day long
And that's okay

Why's it gotta be this way?
Why must we play these games?
Let the freedom bell ring
Whatever happened to old mercy?

I heard it read from a book that's been around a few years
If you ain't got no sin, go ahead, start through stones
But I'm anxious to see how many people just like me
Would have to put your big rocks down
Put 'em down, down

(Chorus 3x)