Letra de Wendy & Betsy

Letras de MeWithoutYou

"Wendy & Betsy"

[WENDY:] Signs of contemptible times!
[BETSY:] You still dance with an arm to your side?
[WENDY:] Our hands to be empty & still
Asleep on the windowsill if it be your will...

[BETSY:] Is last winter's prize winning
Norwegian Forest outside!?
Could I try on your lilac dress?
Wendy? {light of my life!}
(And you know the rest)

So I take from your stare
You've got a lesson in there?
[WENDY:] Well they say the Institute made
A perfected replica blade for the Ancient of Days

[BETSY:] While you dial the priest I'll tell Princess to try the police...
[WENDY:] We could start the 3rd World War!
[BETSY:] But then what good would scripture be for?

[An absence of calm in the air as the temperature fell on the new concierge at the Carriage Hotel]
[WENDY:] Word has it the younger McKim girl's not well...
[BETSY:] remember that story with the mermaid and the actor?
[WENDY:] Betsy, the bones of the prophets we saw!
The mob throwing stones at the Bethlehem wall!
[BETSY (in grandiose tones, raising right paw in Jacques Louis David Tennis Court Oath gesture):]
All joking aside, five fingers wide
Should the bed of the bride be despair
Tell your parents it's true
Though I'd never physically hurt you
I do know some Arabic prayers
But I left what was left of my self-respect
Like a Swiss army knife on the ground
And a pocket of coins at the IDF checkpoint
By what some call 'the Temple Mount.'