Letra de 927A.M., 7-29

Letras de MeWithoutYou

"927A.M., 7-29"

Nine-twenty-seven a.m., seven/twenty nine
Anyone listening want a brain washed like mine?
[JACKAL (in the sheep flock):]
Shadow on the vine!
[HONEY (from the cleft rock):]
Better luck next time
Lock jawed glass rat, Psalter seventeen
With functional addiction to altars of the May Queen
Half clear ghost (name chemical) appears
In the hollow of a cow's horn buried in a grainfield
(As that wondrous hour draws near)

One day they'll find us
Feathers on a tiger's body
Quiet as a clear blue glacier lake

Ploughshares gone swords, we were the scourge of the earth
Offerings unpoured, unliturgical drink
It'd be a pearl of a time now for a virgin birth
And it happens more often than you might think
9:28 a.m., low in the phosphorous lights
Of lonesome days and parthenogenetic nights
You became the glowing letters of a red sign:
Better luck next time