Twisted Sister

Letra de Stay Hungry

Letras de Twisted Sister

"Stay Hungry"

Are you feeling the fire, are you ready to explode?
Are your dreams and desires riding down an open road?
I'm like a runaway, a heart without a home
Others can laugh and play
I'll fight for every inch I take, I'm desperate to the bone


Stay hungry, feel the fire
Stay hungry, don't explode
Stay hungry, with desire
Stay hungry, you're alone

Be the hunter and the hunted, keep your target in your sight
Don't be side tracked or shunted, let pretenders feel your bite
And if you start to slide never show you're weak
Don't feel you've got to hide
Remember what you're fighting for, remember what you seek



Solo - Jay Jay

If your fire is faded and you can't feel it no more
If you're tired and overrated, let me show you to the door
Expect no sympathy, there's none to be had
Open your eyes and see
There's no room for the wannabees, the has beens or the bad