Letra de (sic)

Letras de Slipknot


Enemy-show me what you wanna be
i can handle anything
even if i cant handle you
readily-either way it better be
dont you fucking pity me
get up get off

what the hell am i saying?
i dont know about malevolent
sure as hell decadent
i want somebody to step up,step off
walls,let me fall,fuck you all!
get a grip,dont let me slip till i drop the ball

fuck this shit,im sic of it
your going down
this is a war!

who the fuck am i to criticize you twisted state of mind?
your leaving me suspect,im leaving you grotesque
feels like a burn from which you never learn
cause and effect,you jealous ass
press your face against the glass-suffer

i've just bEgun
its about that time
gonna get mine

you cant kill me cause im already inside you