Letra de Temptation

Letras de Slayer


Have you ever felt the need 
To see more than you can see 
Look into uncertainty 
Reflections of treachery 
Would you leave the world behind? 
Endless life is here to find 
Can I interest you in lies? 
Sell your soul for all it buys

Play with your insanity 
Shatter your reality 
Pulsing in your blood

I can satisfy your greed 
For now all your debts are free 
I have all eternity 
To quench all the death I breed 
Recreate the rules of play 
From now things are done my way 
None have ever won my game 
Crucified them all in flames


Have you ever danced with the devil? 
His temptation ever summoned you 
Ever penned your name in blood 
Let possession slowly swallow you 
When you stand under full moonlight 
The attraction mesmerizes you 
Have you ever wondered why 
It seems that evil you're attracted to

Reach out to my hand 
Step back in time's sand 
Genetic wasteland 
Far beyond death