Letra de Mind Control

Letras de Slayer

"Mind Control"

Unknown are the caverns of the mind 
New realms of affliction lurk inside 
Unbound massive mental energy 
Your last breaths taken from you easily

Incoherence disrupts your rationale 
Involuntary, your last confessional 
No sense of being 
Missing segments of time 
Inconsistency is feeding on your mind

Mind control, pain unfolds 
I own all your sensations 
Weakening, reasoning 
Mesmeric full demolition 
Behold the threshold of the web 
Screaming souls fear echoes 
Piercing boundaries of death

Penetration of the window to your soul 
Deterioration of the mind, no self-control 
Temporary, comprehend no memories 
Hollow carcass of a man is all I leave

Execution but a thought in the end 
Slowly erasing your life and what has been 
Passing victims in the land of secrecy 
Cerebral death can come to you in your dreams