Letra de Straighthate

Letras de Sepultura


I ask myself why I’m so hateful,
maybe it’s part of my nature.
People say I’m fucked in my mind,
feels like there’s nothing left inside.

Walking now on different dirty streets,
but the same old feeling still exists.
Hate is like a shade
that won’t never leave.
Leave me alone, I don’t need sympathy

What goes around, comes around.
You’re going down.

Straighthate. (4x)

Criticize and call me negative
you never face life or reality.
Separate myself from the rest,
what the fuck do you expect??!

Repeat chorus

Straighthate. (4x)
Straight fucking hate.

What goes around, comes around.

Grow up in the ghettos
made me real
to deal with my fears.
Motherfucker, you don’t understand
pain and hate