Letra de Roots Bloody Roots (Live) (Bonus track)

Letras de Sepultura

"Roots Bloody Roots (Live) (Bonus track)"

Roots Bloody Roots [Repeat: x3]
Roots Bloody 

I believe in our fate
We don't need to fake
It's all we want to be
Watch me Freak! 

I say
We're growing every day
Getting stronger in every way
I'll take you to a place
Where we shall find our 

Roots Bloody Roots [Repeat: x4]

Rain bring me the strength
Is breeding me this way
To get to another day
And all I want to see
Set Us free 

Why can't you see
Can't you feel
This is real

I pray we don't need to change
Our ways to be saved
That all we want to be
Watch us Freak!