Letra de Necromancer

Letras de Sepultura


The mist is high in this night
Can fell the presence of death
Way to the mortuary so the dead’s will invoke
Corpses and skulls in my countour
See a corpse bloody with the face in cruciform
How being from the wrath
Catch the skull of a children, frozen and dismal
Coming to me
Creature , kill in name of hell
The black mass is started, life’s will terminate
With the wrath of demons started the genocide
Wrath, in my corpus is born
Death, lost legions from hell
Slaughter, you’ll see in sacrifice
Skull’s are christen’s with blood

Dead’s invoker
Dead’s invoker

Wrath, odius desire
In my corpus is born
The fates last, terror’s spread
For a necros creature of
The crypts’