Letra de Moloko Mesto

Letras de Sepultura

"Moloko Mesto"

Oh my brothers, have another glass
Moloko plus velocet, drencom, systhemesc
I widdy with my glazys the ultra-violence ball
Bloody chained Faces, a real horrorshow

Moloko Mesto

Cocaine Running through the veins of our system
Crack heads, stones burned, one way ticket, no return
Drug cartels and traffic routes
Open borders, enslavering youth
Many Pills to control your mood
To shape your mind to obey the rules

Moloko Mesto

What's going to be then, eh?

I did not choose this evil but born within
I am my only master, the master of my ways
Take heed embrace yourself when you cross my path
I speak to you and tell the truth the sin has no end
Moloko Mesto