Letra de Hot and Heavy

Letras de Pantera

"Hot and Heavy"

You say that
you want a piece of me
well baby 
take a big bite
too much to believe
that's what I like
I've been known 
to blow my top
just to get my kix
I might eat 
your heart out 
just to get my kix 

I've got a line on U
I've got my ize on U
I'm gonna luv U
Black and blue
I'm cummin' down on U 

I'm burnin' hot
It's what I want

Take a look at
my ice cream cone baby
go ahead take a lick
can't wait
to take you home
beat you with my stick
I've seen what
you got before
but I'd like
to see it again
it's red hot
that's for sure
tell me girl
where and when