Letra de Mindfucked C.S.

Letras de Nuclear

"Mindfucked C.S."

Erratic were your thinking of getting things unpunished at all!!
Bastards like yourself deserve less than a rapist on tour
Fucking asshole!!!
Nothing you would say you would do will get you out of your locked!!
Spiniak fucking maggot you will never be touching one soul

Mindfucked C.S.

Many were the children you have forced to fuck under your control
You just paid the jury but those fuckers turn their backs on you!!
What about it!!!
Let us raise as one together, money can't avoid the truth
Spiniak as a bastard you will find some fucking bullet on you

Funny was the time of abusing kids?
What about your fucking rapes?
What about you playing just another game?
Pick a fucking gun and just blow your fucking brain!!!

Everlasting pain, seeking for redemption that will never come
Can you see all the children faces, you must pay your toll
Are you happy now in your rotten cell, I think you're fucking not
Let me tell you motherfucker what I think about your raping hell hole storm!!!

Bioterror!!!, your body won't resist what I've prepared for you.
Animal!!!, your life has been circumscribed to which I'm able to do.
It's my calling now!!!; imagine how much I'll enjoy watching you as you fall.
If i were you, I'd be thanking god, human's - pain - thresholds - are - low !!!

You'll find your life ripped out Mindfucked C.S.!!!!