Ne Obliviscaris

Letra de Tapestry Of The Starless Abstract (demo)

Letras de Ne Obliviscaris

"Tapestry Of The Starless Abstract (demo)"

All horizons fall through dying stains
A crimson crown to call my own
O home is everywhere I voyage
And darkness is always with me…

I call to the sirens
Echoing in sweet laughter
Broken hopes beneath the surface
With haunting eyes they stare…they stare
Through black waters, weaving tresses
A figurehead warped, stares homesick afar

Never depths…my dear despair
Never depths…my dear despair

Blind in delirium, navigating the continuum flux…nothing
Submerged in limbo, of Nautica they sing…true majesty
Oceans wide, eyes wide… Forever to treasure…carry on
Infusing insight, the fabric of space is ignited.

Silent time reveals tragedies chartered
All triumphs were drowned...and the sirens too...
Silent time reveals… reveals
All triumphs were drowned… were drowned
Symphony for the pilgrim… Intrinsic wake.... Opulent discordant soul...My arabesque
Setting sail from paradox lost to a paradise found...
Paradise, paradise found, paradise, paradise found