Letra de Order Fade To Black

Letras de Motörhead

"Order Fade To Black"

Yes bad blood, yes black night
My God, yes all the world
Yes red mouth, yes insane
Yes, my God, order

See firestorm, see black death
Do you see burning there
Yes red smile, yes white noise
Fade to black, nobody cares

Wake up now, try to run
Howling pain, burning sun
Creep and crawl, hiding place
Out of breath, turn your face

Evil grins, at the sight
Tendon snap, red tonight
Black inside, cancer grown
In your skin, in your bone

Now white face, now red hands
Iron stake everywhere
Now chrome spikes, now insane
Burning me order

Now sleeping, now teeth grin
Audience all eyes stare
Now walking, now dying
Fade to black, nobody cares

Push the door, locked and barred
Gone away, gone to far
Finger crawl, after you
Freezing touch, stick like glue

Could embrace, stranglehold
Lost the race, oh so cold
Red in here, bright knife hack
White noise, fade to black

Yes red pain, yes red blood
Sinking down black despair
So white bone, yes insane
Do you see order

All screaming, now silent
God is love, say your prayers
Now walking, now dying
Fade to black, nobody cares