Letra de All Gone To Hell

Letras de Motörhead

"All Gone To Hell"

Wide Wake, wide awake, hear the silence hiss, 
Will you break, will you break, ironbinds your wrist, 
In your face, in your face, see the others flinch, 
Iron law, Iron claw, don't you move an inch. 

Strike toward the one you love, 
Throw the dark ones down, 
Velvet fist, iron glove, the lost one now is found, 
Don't you ask me why and when, 

I will never tell, 
Life was so muck stranger then, 
But that's all Gone to Hell. 

Make a start, make a start, open up the door, 
In the dark, in the dark, who could ask for more, 
You are blind, you are blind, wish that you were deaf, 
In the mind, in your mind, hear the serpent's breath. 

Fight the demons in your head, 

Whatch until the dawn, 
We all heard the words we said, 
We all braved the storm, 
Never show the ones within, 
What we do or sell, 
Life is so much safer now, 
But it's all Gone to Hell. 

In the night, in the night, hear your shadow breathe, 
Feel the bite, feel the bite, no-one wi" believe, 
By your side, by your side, 
Beware of shadows now, 
Kiss your bride, Kiss the bride, 
Seal your marriage now. 

You must be much braver boy, 
Then you ever dreamed, 
Or your world will be destroyed, 
By the small and mean, 
You must stand, and fight them hard, 
You must never run, 
You must be a shining star, 
Do what must be done, 
Don't you ask me why and how, 
You must lift the spell, 
Life could be much more than this, 
Unless we've Gone to Hell.