Letra de Victory or Die

Letras de Motörhead

"Victory or Die"

What do you say what can I ever do for you
What are we gonna to do to pass the time
What do you care when you find that life's unfair
Equality is just a state of mind
Believe whatever is right
What's right for you tonight
You know where to draw the line
What have you done what's in your mind what do you need
Where shall we go to let it out
What have you seen, we don't know where you've been
Life so often blows your candle out
Believe in what is right, what's right for you tonight
Who knows what the fuck it's all about
Look up and see the flying saucers
Cruising in the sky, I saw one myself it ain't no lie
Look down and see the road you're on
As if you are on a marathon
That's the spirit victory or die
What did they say what have we learned, what do we know
What shall we do to even up the score
What do you find, if you find that you've got blind
Darkness is a thing we've seen before
Believing is your right all right