Letra de Teach Them How to Bleed

Letras de Motörhead

"Teach Them How to Bleed"

Step into the street, all your nerves are shaking
Look over your shoulder
Better use your feet or you ain't gonna make it
It's getting colder

Better get it over now, better show your hand
Tell the world a good word, catch me if you can
Better face it all now, show 'em what you need
Let 'em come, let 'em come, teach them how to bleed

Running down the road, chase your nervous break down
Everybody screaming
Better think in code, might just be a shakedown
You might be dreaming

Better get it on now, better show your face
Speak the name of Judas, caught up in the race
Better to be faithful, to your destiny
Let them run, let them run, teach them how to bleed


Going out your mind, all your life is changing
Better watch your back now
Why are you afraid, nobody explaining
Running with the pack now

Better you get out of town, nothing left to lose
Nobody around now, one to accuse
It's the final act now, time for us to leave
Eat the sun, eat the gun, teach them how to bleed

Give the people what they want, blood and death and guts
People so predictable, drive you fucking nuts
Fall upon your sword now, nothing up your sleeve
Let them see, let 'em be, teach them how to bleed