Mötley Crüe

Letra de Let Us Prey

Letras de Mötley Crüe

"Let Us Prey"

I'm the reason women bleed 
It's been called 
The curse of eve 
Ancient times to modern lies 
You know my name 
Turned your pleasures into pain 
You made love i give you aids 
My pollution gives you cancer 
Of the brain 
Yet to me you sell your soul 
Fame and glory plated gold 
You're such an easy 
Prey for me 

Please let us prey 
Please let us hunt 
7 million bodies lying dead 
Beneath my hands 
War was such a simple 
Game to play 
Preachers do my bidding yet 
Blame me for their sins 
Altar boys are taken in dismay 
Kill and eat your neighbors 
Gas a subway in japan 
I got more apocalyptic plans 
Please let us prey 
Please let us hunt