Letra de Way Too Far (Con 12th Planet)

Letras de Korn

"Way Too Far (Con 12th Planet)"

Here it comes, once again 
'Irrational' I give in 
Paranoia, expands within 
Little voices start to begin: 

Everyone's out to take your joy away 
Constantly scheming to keep us at bay 
Everyone's plotting and they are just taking 
You must make it stop, make them pay 

Sometimes I just take things, way too far 
Irrational feeling, I just try too hard 'cause 
What goes up, must come down 
The problem is I have no bounds 'cause 
Sometimes I just take things Way Too Far 

Reality is surreal 
Wretchedness is all I feel 
Now its really just a way 
God, I hear the voices say: 


Wooohoooo! Wooooohooooo! Wooohoooo! Wooooohooooo!