Letra de Illuminati (Con Excision Y Downlink)

Letras de Korn

"Illuminati (Con Excision Y Downlink)"

I can't believe what's happening 
Where is your self control 
Why can't you just be honest 
The corruption takes its toll 

You rape our hope 
Too proud to cope 
You built this house of shame 
You smile, you gloat 
This disease you promote 
An infection is what we are now 

I can't believe this happened 
The fear starts to grab hold 
Then anger starts to take over 
I will not be controlled 


They're taking over now 
Eating up our souls somehow 
Taking over now 
Parasites, they run around 
The culprits won't be found 
They lie behind this mask of wealth 
They're taking over now 
Illuminati they hide