Letra de Daddy

Letras de Korn


Mother please forgive me 
I just had to get out all my pain and suffering
Now that I am done, remember I will always love you
I'm your son 

Little child, looking so pretty 
Come out and play, I'll be your daddy 
Innocent child, looking so sweet 
A rape in my eyes and on your flesh I'll eat 

You've raped! 
I feel dirty 
It hurt! 
As a child 
Tied down! 
That's a good boy 
And fucked! 
Your own child 
I scream! 
No one hears me 
It hurt! 
I'm not a liar 
My God! 
Saw you watching 
Mommy why?! 
Your own child 

It's alright 

I didn't touch you there 
Mama said she didn't care 
I didn't touch you there 
That's why mama stopped and stared 

I fucking hate you! Mother fucker! 
Mother Fucker! I fucking hate you! Fuck You! 
You son of a bitch, you fucking ruined my life! 
I wanted to die! 
I'm sick of it, mother fucker . . . oh oh 
Why'd you fuck'n do it to me? 
I Hate You! 
I Fuck'n Hate You! 
I Hate You! 
I Hate You!