Letra de Reclaim My Place

Letras de Korn

"Reclaim My Place"

I’m so numb I cant relate
I’m so dumb there is nothing to hate
really is it me or is it fate
give me peace or at least for fuck sake

give them something to say
something so public id never play
all I hear is disgrace
erase them all and reclaim my place

In the past I was known as a freak
had no freinds picked on cause i was weak
saved my ass of ya into this band
never thought the band would taken on,the man

reclaim my place(x3) 
(say it to my face) 

so i look around at
all these stupid little faces
something i can never slap
but i embrace it

youll never ever see
youll never ever be
you wanna fuck around
then come fuck with me

you think youll give a lick
youll never ever fight
you think youll feel my hate
maybe me and you will find
why thank you i was raped
i will always be the sound
you wanna fuck with me
go the fuck away
you can feel my heartbeats
yes you can feel it come
you can feel it my heartbeats
you can feel it come back
you can feel it my hearbeats
you can feel it come back
back DOWN(x4) 

Repeat chorus

What the fuck(x11) 
what the....