Letra de Mr. Government Man (Outtake From Prisoners In Paradise Session)

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"Mr. Government Man (Outtake From Prisoners In Paradise Session)"

Hey, hey, Mr. Government Man, 
I'm just a poor boy doin' the best that I can 
I've been stepped upon and pushed around, yes, I have 
You can tie me up, but never tie me down 

Well, I was drivin' around, tryin' to find a place 
To get a beer and some cigarettes 
Pullin' up behind me, not afraid to flirt 
There's a girl in a red Corvette 

I saw in her face that she wanted to race 
So I let my car out of jail 
Man, I blew it, before I knew it 
The Feds were on my tail 

I knew it were trouble, but didn't wanna stop 
I couldn't forget that girl 
My dashboard slick from alcohol 
And my head still in a whirl 

Just a country boy in the city lights 
Tryin' to have some fun 
But the Man behind me didn't wanna play 
He pulled out a gun 

Hey, hey, Mr. Government Man... 

Well, I had it comin', I hit the wall 
And my car went up in flames 
My head got hammered, thrown in the slammer 
No one but me to blame 

That's my story, ain't much glory 
But I know I paid my dues 
One thing I know in my heart and soul 
I ain't never gonna lose 

Hey, hey, Mr. Government Man... 

They say I might be goin' crazy 
Hey, what else can I do? 
Hey, my, my 

Hey, hey, Mr. Government Man... 

Hey, hey, Mr. Government Man 
Don't you push me around no more