Letra de Yesterday's News

Letras de Europe

"Yesterday's News"

Hey, hey,
Mmmm, I got somethin' to tell ya'...
Got a story 'bout it...

I'm catching a fast train,
Soon I'll be long, long gone
And I shoot through the night like a
Bullet from a loaded gun

They've been tryin to use me, lie and abuse me
They've been tryin to break me, no one can take me
No way

Now I'm way down
I'm so down I'm readin' yesterdays news

I woke up this morning, leavin' on my mind
And I said to myself, I ain't gonna waste my time
I need someone to save me, love and embrace me
They've been tryin to get me, trying to set me up
Bad luck

Now I'm way down...

But I got time on my hands,
I know what I'll do
One day babe I know I'll come through
Cause I know in my heart, how it feels to be sad
From the pain that I suffer, and the price that I pay