Letra de Mother of Light

Letras de Epica

"Mother of Light"

It always put me on the edge
To think of all the spoilt lives
Today I’m one step further
Not sure if I’ve survived myself

Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction
Whatever happens in my dreams
I know it can’t be worse than this
So I prefer to sleep

I am searching
~ without vision ~
For the answers in the dirt

I am waiting
~ just for nothing ~
For the day that I’ll be heard

You’re the sea in which I’m floating
And I lose myself in you
I am feeling these sensations
I communicate with you

I am looking
~ without vision ~
For a different kind of way

I am thinking
~ just for nothing ~
About that specific day

You’re the night so you’re the dark side
Of the day you’ll never see
You’re the past but everlasting
Can you share one day with me?

You’re the hand that I rejected
But I can’t forgive myself
I am selfish and not worthy
To think of, even to die for

Tomorrow, don’t know where I’ll be
I need some place to go now
So do you know the way I feel
Or shall I give up my belief?

You’re the lock I’ve never opened
‘Cause I threw away the key

I’m enclosed
Within my own thoughts
That will never set me free

You’re the question to the answer
And without there’ll never be
Any thought in this direction
You’ve created this in me

Serenity is taking over all I am
It gives me peace
And all I see are visions of my destiny
Why should I bleed
And pay for the others’ greed?

We consciously sign
Our own sentence of death
How can you go on, did you forget
What we have learnt from the past?
We can’t go on killing ourselves
And with us all the rest
Why can’t you see, don’t you regret?

I am alone with all my thoughts
Alone without a hope and
I lost the thing I needed most
I feel I can’t survive this fall