Def Leppard

Letra de Where Does Love Go When It Dies

Letras de Def Leppard

"Where Does Love Go When It Dies"

Could you ever steal a prayer to deny your God 
Could you ever buy your love and not count the cost 
Could you ever take a life when all was lost 
And would it ever be enough 

Could you bite the hand that feeds you and then ask for more 
Could you kiss the wound that bleeds spit it on the floor 
Could you open up your heart then close the door 
And would it ever be enough 

Every word you whisper 
All the tears you hide 
You die for love when it's alive 
But where does love go when it dies 

If you came across your dream would you walk on by 
Hold a candle to the wind and just let it die 
And is there room inside your mind for one more try 
And would it ever be enough 

I watch the time go rushing by it's like an ocean wave 
Showing you no mercy throwing dirt upon your grave 
You're drowning in the darkness and you're blinded by the light 
And there ain't no prayer that's gonna save you now 

If you woke up from your sleep blood on your hands 
Would you wash the pain away no one understands 
There must be someone out there who can help you breathe again 
And would it ever be enough 

[Repeat Chorus]