Black Sabbath

Letra de Neverwhere

Letras de Black Sabbath


She made the night
But the dark's all right
And his heart became the hunter
A deadly bride
It's suicide
So take it slow
Waiting alone for the witching hour
Feeling the shock and the surge of power
She's come to know
She makes her way to the door forbidden
Tomorrow she'll say that she did not really go there
To neverwhere
And then the child
Strange free and wild
The picture of the mother
The same cold eyes
And the same old lies
The same as one another
Together they wait for the witching hour
Feeling the heat and the push of power
They need to know
Left behind, he's the uninvited
Maybe the door will open if he waits there
At neverwhere
The hand that rocks the cradle in the morning
Could be lurking round the corner with a gun
Before you take the time to say I'm sorry
Remember where she's been and all the misery she's done
And then the prize
Time to decide
But one last voice, be careful
It's just too strong
And he must belong
So down we go
Waiting for the witching hour
Needing the shock and the surge of power
He wants to know
They make their way down to the door forbidden
She waves him in at last and he's gone there
To neverwhere