Letra de Secret World

Letras de Kara

"Secret World"

I'm just right beside you here isn't it
 Oh! Well, I think It's better for you
 The love begins

ajikeun eorigeman bo-igetji (Can't you see)
 geu dwi-e jinjja naega soomeo-isseo (I'm ready honey)
 I believe neomani nal bool soo isseo (That's right)
 Because bitnaneun neol naega bogo itjanha

deulkyeotni ddeorrideon naesongil
 ne mamdo nal neuggyeotdamyeon Feel's alright

* Want you, nae gwitga-e neol soksakyeojweo (Everyday!)
 ggoomsokeuro nal deryeogajweo
 this is time to fly neowa naman-ui sesang
 you make me world of secret
 Let's go, baby, with me, *

nega nae noon ape natanan soongan (Was fantastic)
 neol boneun nae gaseumeun tago isseo (The love begins)
 shimjangi ddwineun soriggaji deurryeo oh baby (Hey dude)
 eodil bwaya halji moreu gesseo (You like just....)

deulkyeotni heundeurrin nae noonbik
 ne mamdo nal neuggyeotdamyeon Feel's alright

* repeat

(Rap) Hey boy ! Time to step into the limelight
 is time to get with the flow
 is only about us tonight
 don't you know
 feel my heart beating a song for you that's true
 destiny is you & me take the opportunity it'll last for eternity
 we'll never say goodbye is time to realize I'm without my disguise
 Just do it

(I know world what you need)

But you tell me
 Can't stop the very moment
 What you make it at secret tonight
 jinan bam ggoom-en neowa dan doori
 hanayeotdeon geotcheoreom