Three 6 Mafia

Letra de Rollin' (feat. Lil' Wyte)

Letras de Three 6 Mafia

"Rollin' (feat. Lil' Wyte)"

(Damn!) These motherfuckin X pills have you feelin freaky and shit
(X pills!) Like fuckin two hoes at the same time
(Two hoes at the same time, I'm with that shit) Aw hell, shit!

[Chorus: Lil' Wyte]
I'm on that ecstasy - rollin; on them X pills - rollin
On them X pills - rollin, rollin, rollin
Green four leaf clovers - rollin; yellow polar bears - rollin
Red Range Rovers - rollin, rollin, rollin
I'm on that ecstasy - rollin; on them X pills - rollin
On them X pills - rollin, rollin, rollin
Orange Cadillacs - rollin; blue applejacks - rollin
And white Maybachs - rollin, rollin, rollin

[Verse One]
Mix that X with orange juice
Gettin real high in the DJ booth
If you got drank my nigga that's cool
vikoden pills, I take that too
Don't give a fuck any drug is a go
Everyday partner when a nigga pop a roll
Got a lot of friends and they all do dope
Jack got weed, and Jill keep blow
Just woke up, still high as a fool
Girl in my bed - man who is you?!
She said we was on the dance floor gettin zoot
The next thing you know we was off in the pool
I ain't gon' lie this head that hit it
Cause when you do X you'll run up in it
The girl had cocaine runnin out her nose
Powder feel white like a fence called picket
I put dick in her mou-ow-ow, ow-ow-outh
Then I kicked her out my hou-ow-ow, ow-ow-ouse
Memphis niggaz be so wi-ow-ow, ow-ow-ild
Now I'm back out on the tow-ow-ow, ow-ow-own


[Verse Two]
I said the money talk, you say you're trappin jumpin off
I'm in the hay grindin dirty man, drop it off
40 calls if you gotta ask nigga don't even bother
I'm fallin off and about to negotiate wit chu robbers
You look so good (good) but see I been better (better)
I keep it so hood (hood) I see mo' cheddar (cheddar)
I got the best price (price) call me the cost cutter (cutter)
Can any nigga beat me quote, no not a damn nutter
I got that Tylenol, 'fore your body to dissolve
Meet me in the VSE, parking lot of Southland Mall
I got them blue pills (pills) I'm tryin to pay the bills (bills)
You scared to meet in the haven then I come to your crib