Three 6 Mafia

Letra de Dirty Bitch (feat. Project Pat)

Letras de Three 6 Mafia

"Dirty Bitch (feat. Project Pat)"

I don't make it rain, I ain't gon' bullshit you [8X]

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Dirty bitch, a dirty bitch, a dick eatin [2X]
Youse a dry effin lil' heffer, lil' heffer [2X]

[Verse One]
Ridin through the hood just got my car washed up
Me and two of my dawgs, we got the good fired up
The screens hangin from the roof, better watch your head
Bumpin "Vol. 16," nigga you scared
Hold up spot a couple of dirtbags at the bus stop
Should I, ride down on them why not
To spit some pimpin in the hoe's ear right quick
Snatch one mo', five of us, Motel 6
Got the hoes blowed out, put the coke up they nose
Next thing I know, got the dick, clean down they throat
Suckin nut up, not a drop they was wasted
Kissin each other, big smiles on they faces~!
Man I love a


[Verse Two: Project Pat]
Got apple bottom jeans but your nails lookin dusty
You the main broad in the club that I must hit
Super loudmouth, naggin, very fussy
Open toed shoes, toenails kinda crusty
I like a dirtbag, coppin birds on her knees
Penis in her mouth make my balls say CHEESE!
Hand out to Pat, cause she beggin for a new dress
Gel slicked back, hair lookin like a hot mess

[Verse Three]
I gotta get mine, I gotta get my diiiiick sucked
Pull my pants down, open your mouth, atten-TION
I take a chill and leave a girl with a biiiig BUTT
She gotta be a bad bitch, a ghetto hoood SLUT
I'ma knock it out, when she drop and pop it out
I'm just a pimp nigga, puttin these hoes on the house
Cars, hoes, clothes, that's what Juicy's all about
Keepin dope rolled, puttin this big dick in your mouth