Mr. Lif

Letra de Return Of The B-Boy (Feat. J. Haynes)

Letras de Mr. Lif

"Return Of The B-Boy (Feat. J. Haynes)"

[Verse One]
Seconds after I have been swept off my feet
Open through the doors and in steps the beat
Complete with medical packs and four fours
Looked at me and said "damn this nigga need god"
Bored, apart in the streets he got beat
The meat, a disinfranchised he left wheat
Me, these images I could'nt ignore
Personas of the rhythm who just walked through the store
This man's slim, sported a red glim, notcing damage within
We remove bullets and pack skin
The kickdrum slur reopen my eyes, he say don't worry
At the clerk he say don't fire rounds in the flurry
And I have bad, tied the hostages with his gat
Told 'em break the fuck out and never look back
They have the form like meiogy for the kamikaze
Then they got me walking out pass the local paparazzi
I see y'all re animated, sure kick get damned a flavor
We came to save ya and we came to, pull back the data
I repay a major situation across town, my music is lost sound
Cause they had us locked down.
They meaning sucka rappers had us heard past
Comic clowns who be making shit sounds and laughs
Then they facing masteries, just fittin lack of pieces
Whats dope and hope that we accept the wack atheists, jesus
Wheres the chamber? Allow me the become the scum rearranged uh
They said "focus ya anger" and bring the rhymes that you wrote
Because these folks will hang ya
I accepted their concerns turn to him and said
"fuck that written shit I'll flip that kid off the head"
What about the feds? Ayo we left them a decoy
We didn't want the beats to know we brought back the B-Boy

Hip, Hip-Hop (I'm a bring it back) [x4]

[Verse 2]
Hip hop is so wack, the beats are fighting back
And I was sent to attack, so I'm following the map
X's mark the rappers out with two head with
Furocious cademies that only need with the next spliff
Step by step I'm headed toward the set to analyze the threat
And make him regret, the day that we met
I suspect he got a smooth box, I head into the rooftops
Where I'll make me strategy so I can splatter them
They were only half of them, five less rappers alive
So we can vibe the stand and then, dope they didnt coincide
They were half religous, and vicious, with dark wishes
Which is to assure the core of hip hop which is snitches
I dropped dimes on how to travel back in time
So they can melt and miss the nine pioneers patterns to rhyme
And I'm furious, seething at what I'm seeing
Soon those niggaz won't be breathing
Ive seen what I got so I'm leaving
Cause I wanna, set up to stop up for the evening
Niggaz hopped on my shitlist with a swiftness
I'm about to rip this, come fear witness

[Beat plays for About 20 seconds]
[chorus x2]

[beat changes]

[Mr. Lif begins rapping]
Mic Check!
We had ill static, over illmatic, I reached for it
This nigga said I couldnt have it
So tragic they try to counter my magic, I'm rabid
I reached for his fuckin face and grabbed it
Nigga, how the fuck did you figure
You can Interfere with the music so potent
That I need to just go for a moment
Before I moved on.
Then I heard two songs
Spit flavor from those head up the 36 chambers
I'm about to bring this nigga danger
He was illucive an uncle tom carry a nuciance
Strong and spiritually useless
I gave him flashbacks, of niggaz gettin treated like labrats
Beatin with sticks and straps
Hidden with conscience, held a mirror up to his face
The motherfucker jetted out of the place
Who's next to get me vexed this rapper making idle threats
Claiming that he got contacts, I stepped to him slow
Looked deep in his eyes, see another person was within him
Cause he's living a lie
A rap nearly operation
Told him that man was not meant to leave earth's population
These talks left him pacing, now he suffers from brain disintergration
No thoughts or information, it started raining visibility low
This had no effects on my abilities though
To murder an MC is standing procedure
Looked and see this cat gone follow the leader
But I'm a cheater, the abdomen and chester leader
The primary feature, my intense earth to to bleed ya
All this blood stream, and I'm steadily aiming
To find the next nigga for naming
Thats when the death sticks came in, hand me
This mega large nigga tried to brand me
I thought the mega blast to enemies
Then my mind aged to centuries
Futuristic data, for a complex matter
This power left to cater, I can compete with the equator
Smiled I can see him through the earth's vapors
Looked him up and down, as we walked toward solid ground
What mind, jaw dropped looked what I found
Classics like Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, EMPD and RUN DMC
But when we get three feet
Criminal mind takes a nation a mill, Time to kill
Run DMC self titled, this nigga my arch rival
Survival, not liable, got up close and what I signed couldnt believe
My enemy was a genetic replica of me
That means self is the biggest tour
It could me the bigger fall, a truly vicious type of war
So now I'm thrown off, taken back to back, I didnt know how to react
To lack a plan of attack, but it was in full effect, connect
He didnt affect my intellect, but thoughts I couldnt accept
Images of my grandmother in that old folks home
Became Very vivid in my dome, this method of rap is telepathic
Damage of my mental fabric, hell a vibe or I have it
Criminal I can't stand it,or understand it yet my torture was expanded
By thoughts that he commanded, had a vision of my uncle sitting down
By himself, meanwhile he's breaking down my physical health
Chronicle inseperable thoughts, to my head
98 percent of which were absorbed by my dreads
The other 2 percent I accepted, just so I can feel the heat again
Had a vision of my defeat of him
So now I'm back, strapped and intact
Increasing my brain waves to maximum impact
Thoughts were un holdly, slowly up he looked me up and down coldly
Like I'm the motherfuckin chrome be
And I am damned I dropped the mic from my hand
Saw some open land so I ranned
But as the gem has past hearts, my man had blast shots
Bloodcots stopped ciculation from my nog
My ego's dead my humiliation to mumble feeble shit
Suddenly had a dream of desert eagle clips
So who's me, maybe this oozie, cold hard and steel
With a sign that says use me
I call on Susie, and tell what you see
Usually, I wouldnt let a biter confuse me
Much of this instance, make a difference
So started to think with, the innocence fit infants incents of incest
Burn in inscents, I'm intense
Funny how the powerful scent just dense his senses
Dont even comment on the senses, I sent this razor sharp tone
To relentless, sequences that leap fences
beating all human kind to defenseless
So I shift for, never sick for
with a swift sword, clipped and flipped this mic for
Speechless, never wit weakness
he tried to use the heat of his desire to beat Lif
Be my guest, take a guess who was left to mess
And at peace request
I summoned the sun to burn a whole in his chest

[Mr. Lif Talking to the end]