Letra de Block Lockdown (Album Version Explicit)

Letras de Ludacris

"Block Lockdown (Album Version Explicit)"

(verse 1)
I got permission to put your mama in a headlock
She tried to took me in a finger four headlock
She said she liked the way i stick and make the bed rock
Or how i lick and leave her twisted like a dreadlock
And it’s on
So stop the sweatin like a wristband
And get some balance like a bike without the kickstand
I think i changed the definition of a hit man
Cause i could really give a fuck about that bitch man
We puttin holes in your residents
And lose anybody for the right presidents
We thugged out street niggaz wit intelligence
So all that bullshit you yapin is irrelevant
Oh yeah
I represent the dirty south side
I’m a dentist
Makin women open they mouth wide
Could be in jail still running it on the outside
Think not
Then open up your mouth right
But who care
I got my corner on lockdown
About to hold this whole block down
Ludacris tell em how the south sound
I got my corner on lockdown
About to hold this whole block down
Ludacris tell em how the south sound
(verse 2)
Comin to shady park is like a peep show
It’s some respectable ladies
And it’s some freak hoes
I know killers that go to church up in they street cloths
You’ll end up missing more than shaq when shooting free throws
They packin and about to open up the dope spot
My neighborhood is stopping cars like a roadblock
They moving weight like atlanta was moving boat rock
Ain’t catching them like seeing muslim eating pork chop
Never happen
And mean while i’ve been thinking man
Niggas started slaggin tapes like they slaggin kane
Cause in the hood it’s getting ugly like araggatang
So if you tryin to stop the hustle
Get the dangalang
We tryin to make our own while house pant it black and start yelling our pipes out
You try to tackle some players and you’ll get psyched out
They can’t fuck wit us nigga
You think they diked out
So don’t play
(verse 3)
Disturbing the peace we do that monkey shit
Hey what can i say
We got a monkey click
Throw on them shades
And make that funky shit
And keep y’all women away if they get funky
We got that dro
And it get rolled up
You pay the price and still we got the block sewed up
Ain’t nothing nice
A full house a make you fold up
You pull a heist and try to jet and i’m like hold up
Got damn
I need to say it on a mega phone
And tell your sister to get the fuck up off the the telephone
These fools is ticking me off like
50 metronome
I’m taking all of your money
Just call me pebble tone
I get the pistol and the safe key
You better tell yo bitch to follow you to safety
I dare you wanna be heroes to try to chase me
It’s ludacris
Won’t leave no evidence to trace me know why